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Who am I?

Hey There… My name is Tyler Horvath and I am a web marketer, entrepreneur, investor, digital nomad, King of SEO™, motivator, coach and many other things that I am passionate about.

But at the core, I love to build things and I enjoy helping people make money.

I own several successful digital businesses that you can check out below. I even have an institute for being a solopreneur if you are looking to make money online.

Lastly, My blog has a ton of useful information about starting, marketing and growing a business so check it out below.


What Do I Do?

tyton media

Tyton Media

Tyton Media is a full-service SEO group, focused on growing e-commerce businesses. Born in Kansas City, Tyton Media services clients around the world.


WordPress SEO Experts

We are #1 WordPress SEO Experts with over 30 years of combined experience and hundreds of success stories. Our Affordable SEO services are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

medical seo icon

Medical SEO

Medical-SEO.com is the web’s leading SEO experts for doctors, physicians, podiatrists, MDs, and medical practice owners.

saasy icon

SaaSy Digital

Saasy Digital is the #1 leading digital marketing agency for Software as a Service business. Grow your online presence and get more targeted SaaS customers online.

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Ninja Reports

Get automated email reports for SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and more, with Ninja Reports. Send stunning reports to clients, employees, co-workers and c-suite.

solopreneur institute

Solopreneur Institute

Online courses and coaching for solo entrepreneurs. Learn how to start your own 100% owned business and grow it using digital marketing.

gear surfer icon

Gear Surfer

Gear Surfer is your #1 spot for awesome gear reviews, electronics ratings and cool gadgets. Browse our articles and check out some of the best gear you can buy!

keto diet school icon

Keto Diet School

KetoDietSchool.com was created by health enthusiast who are passionate about ketogenic diets and spreading the word on how to be succesful with Keto. Read our blog and learn how to start the keto diet today.


Doggo Eats

Doggo Eats is your #1 source for everything dog food. Wondering what your dog can eat? Or maybe you want to check out some of the latest pet food reviews, best dog foods for puppies or best dog food for large dogs.


Realtor SEO

Realtor SEO is the #1 search engine optimization group for real estate agents, realtors, commercial real estate and apartments.

bch square

BCH Tactical

BCH Tactical carries the highest quality brands of tactical gear, police equipment, knives, bags, holsters, belts, handcuffs, flashlights, and more.

20% of profit for every order goes straight to the Wounded Warriors Project.

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