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Who am I?

Hey There… My name is Tyler Horvath and I am a web marketer, entrepreneur, investor, digital nomad, SEO King, motivator, coach and many other things that I am passionate about.

But at the core, I love to build things and I enjoy helping people make money.

I own several successful digital businesses that you can check out below. I even have an institute for being a solopreneur if you are looking to make money online.

Lastly, My blog has a ton of useful information about starting, marketing and growing a business so check it out below.


What Do I Do?

tyton media

Tyton Media

Tyton Media is a full-service SEO group, focused on growing businesses in emerging markets. Born in Kansas City, Tyton Media services clients around the world.

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Ninja Reports

Get automated email reports for SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and more, with Ninja Reports. Send stunning reports to clients, employees, co-workers and c-suite.

solopreneur institute

Solopreneur Institute

Online courses and coaching for solo entrepreneurs. Learn how to start your own 100% owned business and grow it using digital marketing.

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