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Best Affiliate Programs 2023


Affiliate marketing has become very popular as a side hustle as it doesn’t require large upfront costs and can make you a great income if done right.

But first, you should know all of the options when it comes to the best affiliate programs. Some pay higher commissions while some will get you more sales with lower commissions.

That is why it’s important to find the best affiliate marketing programs before promoting them. In this guide, you will learn about all of the best affiliate marketing programs available.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about what affiliate marketing programs are.

Affiliate marketing is the method of marketing another business and receiving payment or commissions for generating sales, leads or even calls.

With affiliate marketing, you can be the middle-man (or woman) in between traffic and sales. Most online companies have an affiliate program that you can sign up for free and promote their products to make money online.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Some affiliate programs will pay a percentage or some may pay a flat fee. Each affiliate program is different and there are a number of different types of programs.

  1. Pay Per Sale: Pay Per Sale means that you will get paid a fixed amount each time someone buys through your affiliate link.
  2. Percentage: Recieve a percentage of the product price or sale price. For example, Amazon pays 4% of the total purchase price.
  3. Pay Per Lead: Some businesses offer pay per lead which means you get paid a fixed amount for each lead you send to the business.
  4. Pay Per Call: Similiar to pay per lead, but pay per call, you get paid for each call a business receives.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are millions of affiliate marketing programs out there for almost anything you can think of. If someone is selling it online, it’s likely they offer a commission to affiliates who can generate more sales.

We have broken up each affiliate program into different categories/niches for easy access.

CRM Affiliate Programs

  1. Hubspot: Hubspot is the go-to for customer relationship management as It’s perfect for small to large organizations. They are currently working on moving their affiliate program and will be accessible soon.
  2. Close:  Close gives you an overview of all your sales activities. Emails, calls, voicemails, tasks, and reminders are automatically organized so that you always know what’s going on and what you should do next.
  3. Agile CRM: Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.
  4. Zoho: Zoho Affiliate Program is perfect for industry bodies, trade associations, educators, website owners, industry influencers, Zoho customers, and any business interested in promoting Zoho and getting rewarded for it.
  5. Pipedrive: You can get up and running with this CRM software in just a few minutes.
  6. ActiveCampaign: Influencers in the program earn an average of $1,350 per referral, with some earning hundreds of thousands monthly.
  7. Earn 25% on the first year of each customer you refer. Payments are made easily via PayPal or Stripe once a month from within the platform.
  8. Freshworks: Freshworks Affiliate Program is a leading B2B affiliate program that will help you earn a passive income by promoting one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

  1. Twitch: Twitch Affiliates can start earning income on Twitch while they build their audience and work toward the coveted status of Twitch Partner.
  2. Razer: Join the Razer Affiliate Program and earn exciting commissions marketing elite gaming gear. Earn commissions of up to 10% on the sale of Razer products.
  3. Alienware: Alienware builds the type of gaming PCs that dreams are made of. They were also one of the first companies to take portable gaming seriously with their cutting-edge laptops.
  4. Nvidia: The NVIDIA Affiliate Program gives you a great way to boost interest in your site—and your bottom line.
  5. Microsoft Gaming:
  6. Logitech: Start earning by promoting technology that has an everyday place in people’s lives. Logitech affiliate partners get access to a broad catalog of products from Logitech’s family of brands, generous commissions on larger-value orders and excellent support every step of the way.
  7. Astro gaming: Astro gaming sells controllers, headsets, accessories and more. Earn up to 5% commission.
  8. Epic Games Affiliate Program: For Fortnite, accepted Creators will earn 5% of the value of in-game purchases made using their Creator Code.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

  1. LiquidWeb: As an affiliate, you earn cash for referring new customers to Liquid Web. Earn $150+ per sale.
  2. WPengine:
  3. Kinsta:
  4. Flywheel: Earn up to $500 per referral for Flywheel WordPress hosting that leads the industry with innovation, service, and handy tools.
  5. Bluehost: Refer your readers to Bluehost with your affiliate link and earn $65 for each qualified hosting purchase. It couldn’t be more simple.
  6. HostGator: Promote HostGator on your site and earn moolah along the way. Joining the program is fast & free! Get $65+ per sign-up you refer to HostGator.
  7. Siteground:
  8. Cloudways:

Online Marketing Tools Affiliate Programs

  1. Leadpages: Leadpages allows you to build high-converting landing pages quickly and easily. You can sign up as an affiliate using Impact affiliate network.
  2. SEMRush: Get up to $200 per sign up with SEMRush. One of the best SEO softwares for tracking keywords, rankings and more.
  3. Unbounce: Unbounce allows you to create stunning landing pages in minutes. Get up to $50 per sale with the Unbounce affiliate program.
  4. BigCommerce: Refer visitors to BigCommerce and earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer.
  5. Shopify: Earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique referral link.
  6. Fiverr: Earn up to $1000 for a single conversion. Get paid for every first-time buyer, with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution.

Course Affiliate Programs

  1. Coursera: Earn up to 45% commission on 4,000+ courses and Specializations. Baseline commissions between 10% – 45% on any eligible purchases your users make within 30 days of clicking a qualified link, with bonuses for strong performance
  2. Udemy: Udemy offers up-to-date courses covering a variety of in-demand topics across tech, business, personal development, and more.
  3. Teachable: Refer creators to Teachable and earn up to 50% commission by joining our partner program.

Retail Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon Associates: The Amazon Associates network is Amazon’s affiliate program where you can sign up for free to promote Amazon products and make a small commission.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

  1. Coinbase: Coinbase doesn’t officially have an affiliate program but you can get $10 for each person that invests $100.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are a single website where you can sign up for many affiliate programs. Affiliate networks can make things a little more easy by having all of your stats, data and affiliate links in one place.

Here are some of the biggest affiliate networks.

  1. Commission Junction: Earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands and successfully promoting their products/services.
  2. Max Bounty: Access a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action you deem essential to evolving your brand with max bounty affiliate marketing.
  3. Clickbank: Whether you’re new to performance marketing or an established online business looking to scale, Clickbank enables you to grow sales without growing the work.
  4. Impact: Impact’s Marketplace was built to make monetizing your content seamless. Connect directly with top brands that match your reader’s and viewer’s preferences.
  5. Shareasale: ShareASale has spent over 20 years growing our network by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology, and guiding merchants and publishers to succeed in their affiliate marketing channel.
  6. JVZoo: Instantly connect your business with millions of paying customers and the top-performing affiliates.
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