best entrepreneur podcasts

Best Entrepreneur Podcasts


The best entrepreneur podcasts provide creative content and reliable pieces of advice to assist you grow and efficiently run your business. You also get to hear testimonials from top entrepreneurs, scholars, and sector influencers. The best part is, you can listen to them at your own convenience.

Below are 10 best entrepreneur podcasts to get you started on your journey to entrepreneurship.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

This is without a doubt the most famous podcast among entrepreneurship enthusiasts. The Tim Ferriss Show has been ranked first out of over 500,000 business podcasts on Apple. It was the first podcast to gain 100 million downloads and was also chosen as the best among Apple podcasts for 3 years. The show was also recognized as the best business podcast by readers of Fortune Magazine‘s Term Sheet. Currently, the show has over 500 million downloads.

tim ferris entrepreneur podcast

The host, Tim Ferriss, is a very successful entrepreneur and an accomplished author. Outside the show, he is known for his Number 1 New York Times bestseller book, The 4-Hour Workweek. The book advises readers on techniques to optimize your time and increase productivity.

Tim has structured the show to provide his listeners with practical solutions, strategies, and tools they can use to grow their businesses. He has interviewed successful entrepreneurs and celebrities to understand how they got there, their challenges and how they manage them. Some of the notable guests on his podcast include Ray Dalio, Lebron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Thiel, Malcolm Gladwell and Jon Favreau.

His objective is to ensure his audience learn something new by the end of each show.

2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast that is intended to rally people into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast

The podcast is designed to inform and inspire young people interested in entrepreneurship to start a business and excel in their ventures. The show has conducted over 2,000 interviews with influencers and successful entrepreneurs in the fields of sales, marketing, and finance. Some of the key guests featured in the show include Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, and renowned podcast host Tim Ferriss.

The show’s host, John Lee Dumas, works hard to bring captivating and informative shows daily. The podcast airs an episode every single day of the week. Each episode typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

entrepreneurs podcast on fire

Guests hosted on the show usually share their journey and experiences in entrepreneurship, best and worst moments, and tricks and strategies they have used to overcome challenges. John ensures with every episode the listeners get tips and tricks to navigate hurdles and get more motivated to jump into entrepreneurship.

3. Mixergy

Mixergy is a self-empowerment podcast created by Andrew Warner. It aims to empower its audience by providing tips and strategies successful entrepreneurs have previously used to overcome challenges they have faced in their entrepreneurship journey.

Mixergy entrepreneur podcast

The show has so far hosted over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs, part of whom are heads of global companies like Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Pixar. The guests offer listeners proven and tested strategies they themselves used to push their companies to excellence.

Andrew doesn’t shy away from asking his guests the tough and uncomfortable questions. He uses these interviews to unearth the struggles successful businesses underwent, and how they recovered from such to become the successful enterprises they are today.

In addition to the podcasts, Mixergy offers free courses to new entrepreneurs. These courses are meant to assist them better implement their business ideas and navigate through the initial growth stages.

4. HBR Ideacast

Harvard Business Review has a popular podcast, the HBR Ideacast. It airs new episodes every week and is hosted by Curt Nickish and Alison Beard. The show hosts guests who are leading in the fields of business and management. Issues affecting entrepreneurs and the business world in general are discussed at length on the show.

hbr ideacast podcast

The HBR Ideacast targets to enlighten entrepreneurs with fresh ideas on people management skills, inspiring creativity and identification of favorable market trends. They also work to dispel some of the common myths that surround the world of business.

5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of The GaryVee Audio Experience, an entrepreneurship-focused podcast on iTunes. Gary has several titles that add to his accomplishments including CEO, media mogul, public speaker, and entrepreneur advocate. His podcast targets to create a deeper understanding of the marketing and business worlds among his listeners.

The GaryVee Audio Experience entrepreneur podcast

Gary’s mixed approaches to content delivery in entrepreneurship have led to the growth and success of his podcast. His podcast has a range of content including interviews, keynote speeches, and fireside chats he has conducted.

His active presence on social media also grew his #AskGaryVee trends which he uses to respond to questions from entrepreneurs. Additionally, he also creates video content daily via a documentary series he calls DailyVee. All these are available on his podcast thereby widening his reach among entrepreneurs based on their preferred content of consumption.

6. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This podcast was developed by Lewis Howes. The former pro athlete, author, and now entrepreneur has structured The School of Greatness to inspire entrepreneurs to greatness. He shares inspiring journeys of some of the best success stories in entrepreneurship, aiming to understand how they got to where they are. His list of interviewed guests includes Jay Shetty, Tony Robbins, Russell Simmons, and Michael Beckwith, among others.

lewis house school of greatness entreprenuer podcast

Lewis believes that self-growth is the key to every success story. He advises that any sector you invest in could be profitable if you put in work. This he demonstrates through his diverse panel of guests who range from athletes, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs. Through the guest interviews, he delivers content that assists entrepreneurs to have the right mindset to be the best versions of themselves. This would eventually help them rise above the competition and be leaders in their own areas.

7. How I Built This

The podcast How I Built This is designed to provide a deep dive into the journey businesses undergo, from their initial conception to the successful companies they are today. The NPR podcast interviews founders and business leaders behind some of the most successful companies across different sectors. This is aimed at providing the audience with a complete outlook of the entrepreneurial journey from an idea to a leading company.

How I Built This guy raz pdocast

The host, Guy Raz, is known for his skills and wit in getting guests to open up. His interviewing skills have led to company heads sharing their deeper struggles, breaking points and turn around strategies they used to put their businesses on the map. They also look at some of the inspirational moments of the journey and motivations for success. These details inspire his audience to understand that success is feasible through hard work and strategic planning. Some of the notable guests include David Neeleman, Melanie Perkins and Jake Burton.

8. This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups is a weekly podcast that primarily focuses on news coming from Silicon Valley and other startup hubs. The show is hosted by Jason Calacanis, who is often supported by a group of rotating experts. It is structured like a weekly bulletin that reviews of current affairs and emerging trends at startup hubs. It mostly focuses on companies within the tech industry.

This Week in Startups podcast

The show offers a lot more content to its audience. Aside from discussing current affairs and news updates, coaching topics are also discussed. Jason and his invited guest panelists also offer pieces of advice on how to start and sustain business operations, managing and motivating employees and improving business strategies based on what they observe and learn from other companies.

9. How to Start a Startup

How to Start a Startup is a collection of videos that are designed to guide entrepreneurs through the journey of setting up a startup. The videos on the podcast were in the past used for teaching students at Stanford University. They were however made available to the public as a comprehensive business course for entrepreneurs wishing to implement their ideas.

The podcast is hosted by Sam Altman and others at Y Combinator. Its content covers a wide variety of topics essential to the process of setting up a startup. Such include developing and evaluating ideas, attracting and growing a customer base, sales and marketing, capital raising, recruiting and retaining talented employees, creating a sustainable and motivating work environment, operations, strategy, management and many more. It is an essential podcast worth reviewing for any entrepreneur considering investing and starting their own startup.

10. StartUp

StartUp, as the name suggests, it is a show that covers the process of setting up a business from the ground up. Hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, the show dives into specific details of setting up a startup.

startup entrepreneur podcast

StartUp covers real-life stories of challenges entrepreneurs undergo when setting up a business. It also offers lessons around thematic areas of business planning, resource mobilization and allocation, conflict management and resolution. In some episodes, aspects of an entrepreneur’s social life are discussed. Many podcasts have topics around balancing managing a business and parenthood or social friendships. Each episode in the series runs for about 30 minutes.

In Conclusion

The 10 podcasts covered above qualify as the best entrepreneur podcasts any prospective entrepreneur may need. They offer detailed information and testimonials from successful entrepreneurs which can guide any new person into the business.

Individually, each host attempts to structure their podcast to make it unique and appealing to the public. Collectively, however, they offer a comprehensive insight into processes, challenges, and lessons one may need to learn before venturing into entrepreneurship. They also psychologically prepare one for the journey ahead and help them avoid mistakes previously done by other entrepreneurs. This will work to greatly improve their chances of turning their ideas into a very profitable company.

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