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Best FBA Seller Tools for Streamlined Growth 2023


Being a successful Amazon seller requires strategic planning, data-driven decision-making, and efficient management. Fortunately, there are numerous software tools available that can streamline your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business, providing valuable insights, optimizing operations, and maximizing growth. In this article, we will explore 10 of the best FBA seller tools, including Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Google Trends,, and more. We’ll delve into their features, advantages, disadvantages, pricing, and provide links for further exploration.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower Amazon sellers. It offers a wide range of features, including product research, competitor analysis, keyword tracking, and listing optimization. With its user-friendly interface and powerful data insights, Jungle Scout allows sellers to make informed decisions and discover profitable product opportunities. However, the pricing can be a bit steep for beginners, starting at $49 per month for the Basic plan.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is another all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers, packed with a variety of powerful tools. It covers everything from product research to inventory management and keyword tracking.

Helium 10’s Black Box feature, for instance, enables efficient product research by analyzing various metrics like revenue estimates and competition levels. However, the sheer number of features can be overwhelming for beginners, and the pricing starts at $97 per month for the Platinum plan.

Google Trends is a valuable tool for understanding consumer behavior and identifying trends. While not specifically designed for Amazon sellers, it allows you to explore search volume trends, geographical data, and related queries. By leveraging Google Trends, you can gain insights into popular keywords and identify emerging product trends, ultimately optimizing your product listings and targeting the right audience. The best part? It’s free to use! is a reliable keyword research tool that helps you identify relevant keywords and phrases for your Amazon listings. By generating a wide range of keyword suggestions, it ensures that your products are optimized for maximum visibility. also provides data on search volume, competition, and trends, helping you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. It offers both free and paid plans, with pricing starting at $89 per month for the Pro Plus plan.


FeedbackWhiz is a powerful tool designed to manage customer feedback and reviews. It offers features like automated email campaigns, product review monitoring, and order analytics. By proactively engaging with customers and addressing their concerns, FeedbackWhiz helps you maintain a positive reputation and improve your seller feedback score. The pricing starts at $19.99 per month for the Basic plan, making it an affordable option for sellers of all sizes.


AMZScout is a comprehensive research tool that helps Amazon sellers find profitable product opportunities. It provides valuable insights on product demand, competition, and estimated revenue. AMZScout’s Chrome extension allows sellers to analyze data right from the Amazon product pages, simplifying the research process. While the pricing is relatively affordable, starting at $44.99 per month for the Basic plan, some users have reported occasional inaccuracies in the revenue estimates.


SellerApp toolkit for Amazon sellers, offering a wide range of tools to optimize your business. It includes features such as product research, keyword tracking, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising management, and competitor analysis. SellerApp’s intuitive interface and detailed analytics provide valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. Moreover, it offers personalized recommendations and strategies to enhance your product rankings and boost sales. However, the pricing can be a bit higher compared to some other tools, starting at $99 per month for the Professional plan.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a FBA software platform that covers various aspects of the Amazon selling journey. It offers features like product research, market intelligence, listing optimization, and PPC automation. One standout feature is the Product Discovery tool, which helps you identify profitable product opportunities by analyzing market trends and competition. Viral Launch also provides educational resources, including webinars and case studies, to help sellers stay ahead of the game. The pricing starts at $50 per month for the Beginner plan.

Scope by Seller Labs

Scope is an Amazon keyword research and product discovery tool offered by Seller Labs. It helps you identify profitable keywords, monitor competition, and optimize your product listings. The tool provides insights into search volume, trends, and estimated sales to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, Scope offers a reverse ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) lookup feature, allowing you to analyze your competitors’ keywords and strategies. The pricing starts at $32 per month for the Starter plan.


AMZBase is a free Chrome extension that simplifies product research for Amazon sellers. With just a click, it provides comprehensive product data, including sales rank, pricing history, reviews, and more. AMZBase also offers a keyword research feature, allowing you to discover relevant keywords and phrases for your product listings. While it lacks some advanced features compared to other paid tools, its simplicity and cost-effectiveness make it a great choice for beginners and budget-conscious sellers.


Keepa is a powerful Amazon price tracker and sales rank analyzer. It provides historical pricing and sales rank data for millions of products on Amazon. By visualizing price trends and sales performance, Keepa helps sellers identify market opportunities and make informed pricing decisions. Additionally, Keepa offers browser extensions for real-time price tracking while browsing Amazon. While the basic features are free to use, Keepa also offers premium subscription plans starting at $17.99 per month.


InventoryLab is a FBA inventory management and bookkeeping solution designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It streamlines the process of listing, tracking, and analyzing your inventory, providing real-time profitability insights. InventoryLab also integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, simplifying financial management. However, the pricing structure is subscription-based, starting at $49 per month for the Scout plan, which may be more suitable for larger-scale sellers.


Sellics is an all-in-one analytics and optimization platform for Amazon sellers. It offers a range of features, including keyword research, competitor monitoring, PPC campaign management, and inventory management. Sellics provides actionable insights to improve your product rankings, increase sales, and optimize advertising campaigns. However, the pricing can be relatively high, starting at $57 per month for the Basic plan, which might be a limiting factor for smaller sellers.


Utilizing the right FBA seller tools can significantly streamline your Amazon business operations, boost your sales, and drive growth. In this article, we have explored 13 of the best FBA seller tools available in the market. Each tool offers unique features and benefits to cater to different aspects of your Amazon selling journey.

It’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and level of expertise when choosing the right FBA seller tool for your business. Many of these tools offer free trials or have different pricing tiers to accommodate sellers of all sizes.

In conclusion, leveraging the power of these FBA seller tools can provide you with a competitive edge, optimize your operations, and drive growth in your Amazon business. Explore the links provided for each tool to learn more about their features, pricing, and suitability for your specific needs

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