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MaxBounty Affiliate Marketing Tutorial


If you have heard of affiliate marketing, then it’s possible you have heard of MaxBounty.

Like ClickBank, MaxBounty features hundreds of different offers that you can promote and make anywhere between $5 and $500, depending on the offer.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a MaxBounty account and promote their offers to make money online:

What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty is a lead CPA (cost per action) affiliate network that connects advertisers with publishers to promote their products online and make money.

They feature over 2,000 active offers that you can promote to earn income online, from all different verticals like weight loss or finance.

MaxBounty is free to sign up but they will verify your business and that you have the ability to drive traffic to their advertisers.

This means that you will need a website. We have a great guide on starting your first blog, which is perfect for promoting MaxBounty.

Is MaxBounty Legit?

Yes, MaxBounty is a legit company that allows advertisers and publishers to connect on their platform and either promote their product or make money promoting their product.

They currently have over 20,000 affiliates, 350 advertisers and over 2,000 offers to choose from. Their headquarters are located in Ottawa, ON Canada and they even have a great blog on affiliate marketing.

How Much Can You Make With MaxBounty?

Many people make an amazing income promoting MaxBounty offers. I myself have made almost $7,000 in one month with MaxBounty.

maxbounty affiliate earnings


There are many affiliate marketers who are making 5 to 6 figures a month promoting MaxBounty offers.

I will go into detail below how to get started making money with MaxBounty.

Signing Up to MaxBounty

First things first. You will need to sign up for MaxBounty and create your account. Currently, they have a deal where you can “Signup for an account today and you can be eligible for a $1000 performance bonus.”

Go through all of the steps of the sign-up process and it will take some time for them to manually approve your account.

Once approved, your account manager will send you an email stating that your account is ready to log in and start promoting offers.

You will see your affiliate manager on the left side pane when your login to the dashboard. They can help you with anything from approving certain offers or giving you affiliate marketing tips.

maxbounty affiliate manager

On the main panel, you will see your earnings summary from Today, Yesterday, This Month and your Best Month. You can see my best month was $6,831 and I will tell you how I was able to do that below.

maxbounty earnings overview

Below the earnings summary, you will see a list of possible offers that you can promote to make money online.

MaxBounty Offers

MaxBounty offers are products or services that companies are offering for you to promote. These can be digital products, loans, education, insurance and a number of other verticals.

Offer Types

The two CPA types that MaxBounty offers are:

  1. Pay per lead: Each new lead you generate for the advertiser gets you a payout.
  2. Percentage of sale: You get a certain percentage of each sale you generate for the advertiser.

For example, if an offer has a 20% commission of the sale and you sell $100, then you will make $20, just like that!

I personally prefer per lead offers because there’s a flat rate you know you need to make to cover your cost.

For example, if an offer pays $20 per lead, you know that you can spend up to $19.99 to generate a lead and make a profit. The percentage of sale depends on the product price and the percentage you get which is a tough variable to calculate for.

Choosing Affiliate Offers

There are a ton of great offers that you can choose from and you can see the newest campaigns, top campaigns and trending campaigns on your MaxBounty dashboard.

maxbounty offers

Each campaign will show you how much it pays per lead or percentage of the sale. You can also look at the EPC (earnings per click) to get an idea of how good the advertisers offer converts.

Offers with low EPC won’t convert as well as ones with higher EPC but the higher the EPC the more expensive it will be to convert.

Ideally, you want to find something in the middle or in the upper part of that spectrum.

When you see an offer you would like to promote, you can click on it for more details and to build a tracking link.

When you are ready to promote the advertiser, you will need to build a tracking link so MaxBounty can track which affiliate the sale came from.

tracking link builder

Choose what type of traffic you will be sending to this offer. The choices for the type of traffic are:

  • Contextual
  • Display
  • Search
  • Social
  • Native
  • Mobile Ads

Then you will need to select a creative as well. The following creatives are the options:

  • Raw Link
  • Banners
  • Search
  • Contextual

Once you choose these, your link will be generated and you can easily copy it to paste in an ad or your website.

copy tracking link

Now, you can promote your new link and anytime someone visits the site with your link and buys, you make money.

How to Promote Max Bounty Offers

Now that you have chosen some MaxBounty offers to promote, its time to learn how to generate traffic to these offers and convert them into sales.

Here are some ways to generate traffic to your MaxBounty Offers.

Promoting MaxBounty with YouTube

If you do not want to create a website, you can still make money with MaxBounty. We even have a guide on how to make affiliate money online without a website.

YouTube allows you to reach thousands of people through video and convert those watchers into leads or conversions for MaxBounty.

For example, if you check Ahrefs for the keyword ‘keto diet’ you will see it gets about 50,000 searches a month on YouTube.

youtube keyword tool ahrefs

So now you can create some videos around the subject and then add an affiliate link in your YouTube video’s description to a related offer from MaxBounty.

For better tracking, use a URL shortening service like so you can track clicks to your affiliate links and which videos provided those clicks.

affiliate links youtube description

You can do this with almost any niche in MaxBounty, but for max results go for niches with high searches and volume. This makes it easier to get a piece of the larger pie of traffic.

If you aren’t a huge video creator, that’s ok! There are a few other ways you can promote MaxBounty and make money online.

Promoting MaxBounty with SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Its the methodology of ranking a website higher in Google to receive targeted ongoing organic traffic. SEO can be a very powerful traffic source for affiliate offers.

The best way to make money with SEO and affiliate marketing is to build niche sites around MaxBounty offers niches.

For example, there are a lot of high paying offers in the weight loss space on MaxBounty. Keywords in that niche get a ton of traffic so it makes for a great niche to generate SEO traffic.

ahrefs weight loss keywords

Build a website around weight loss, dieting and health and link to your offers throughout your website. You will need to do some keyword research to find high searched and low competition keywords that you can target in blog posts.

You can even use Ahref’s Content Explorer to find high traffic blog posts that you can replicate. Enter in a content topic, click search and then in the filters choose ‘sort by organic traffic’.

ahrefs content explorer

This will give you a list of the highest-trafficked blog post around the topic you searched for. It’s important to note that these will have high compeition for ranking and will require you create similar or better content and build the same amount of backlinks to rank where they are.

Keep building content around these popular search terms and you will have organic traffic coming in and converting on your MaxBounty offers. You can even add other affiliate networks like Amazon to make even more affiliate income from your website.

Promoting MaxBounty with Google Ads

PPC stands for pay-per-click and it can be a very effective way to drive traffic to affiliate offers and make passive income online.

Although PPC is the most difficult way to generate a profit with affiliate income, its very possible and I myself have done it successfully.

There are a number of ways you can use PPC ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers including sending the traffic to your website or simply sending it to a landing page with a direct link to the offer.

With a Website

If you have a website that has content with affiliate links in it, its possible to make more than you spend on PPC ads. The trick is finding the right keywords and the right advertising platform to make a profit.

With Landing Pages

In the video above, you can see how I was able to generate income with MaxBounty and PPC using landing pages. In the graphic below you can see my earnings from July 1 to July 31 of 2019.

In this timeframe, I was using Google Ads to send traffic to Unbounce landing pages with affiliate links on them and making about a 40% margin.

max bounty 7000 payout

Simply create a high converting landing page at Unbounce and then add your affiliate link to the page and drive targeted traffic straight to your affiliate page.

It’s important to note that this is a little risky if you are using Google Ads for Facebook Ads as they aren’t crazy about affiliate advertisers but this was how I made almost $7,000 a month with MaxBounty in the past.

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