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60 Ideas for High Paying Side Hustles


The world is always changing. Many people find it is not enough to have a single source of income. They need at least two or three side hustles. A typical side hustle has many benefits.

In general, these are things that can be done in your spare time. Many offer flexible hours that can easily fit into any schedule. If you are thinking about a side hustle, you’ll want to make sure yours is a good one.

The following side hustles are not only easy to begin. They’re also ideas that can generate a nice stream of additional income along the way.

So without further ado, here are 60 side hustles that can give you a decent salary:


If you’ve got wheels, you’ve got a source of income. Leverage your car and make money.

Companies like Lyft and Uber allow you to take people on rides along with you. If you’re someone who runs a lot of errands, this can pay for gas and even a bit more. You can also use your car to bring along others for the ride with you.

Expect to earn ten bucks or more per ride.

Become a Notary Public

A notary public is someone people turn to for a few legal services such as notarizing documents.

You can join the legal field and become a notary in your state by signing up for a certification course. A practical, inexpensive state class can change your life and to your yearly income with ten to fifteen bucks per client.

Selling Online

Just about anything can be bought and sold online.

selling online

If you are a savvy shopper, you can turn this fun hobby into something that will literally pay off. Sites like eBay and Craigslist make it possible for you to reach out not only locally but globally as well. You also have plenty of lead time to get those items out to your clients so this is one job that can be done when you’re ready to get it done.

This is one with unlimited income.

Deliver Food

People love ordering in.

Modern food delivery services often make use of a vast network of people in any area. You can be one of them. Food delivery services like Door Dash or Postmates and cater to a ready group of hungry people for five bucks.

Many people are happy to tip for fast service.

Temporary Guests

Do you do a lot of traveling? Love to explore the woods each Christmas and the seashore each summer?

Make use of that space and bring in those paying guests. They get use of your home. You get income for space you’re not even using. Become an Airbnb host and rake in the part-time dough.

Good owners can charge upwards of a hundred dollars a night.

Longer-Term Stays

If you simply have more rooms that you’re using, invite in guests for a longer stay. You can rent out a walk-in basement that you rarely use to someone in need of a place to stay. Make sure it meets all local zoning codes and you’re good to go.

Expect earnings of several hundred a month.

Give Customer Feedback

Companies are looking for people to speak with about their current and future products. You want to be there for them.

Sign up for as many interview companies as you can. You might find yourself getting all sorts of money and gift certificates for a short investment of your time.

It’s only a few bucks per but it can add up. Here are some of the most popular sites to make money giving reviews:

Create a Blog and Sell Stuff

The process of selling things online is known as affiliate marketing. Simply create a blog and you can earn a very good income online selling relevant products on your blog.

You write about a product or service you like to readers. Put an affiliate link to the product or service on the blog. When people buy things that way, you get paid a part of the proceeds.

An unlimited income is possible.

Maximize Credit Cards

People with good credit should take advantage of it. Your credit cards can offer all sorts of prizes and cash bonuses.

Make sure you read the fine print and avoid using them badly. You’ll find it easy to fatten your bottom line with every single purchase.

A person can expect upwards of a hundred dollars or more per year.

Use Fiverr

This is a great site that lets you submit your services to anyone. Fiverr started out being a site that only cost $5 per service (ie the name).

make money on fiverr

You can offer to do just about anything in your spare time. Many people charge more than five bucks — and usually get it!

Build a reputation with grateful clients and charge even more.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are people who step up and help companies get things done from the comfort of their own home.

Unlike the traditional side job, you don’t have to leave the house to get it done. Come home and you might find things you can do as you listen to your favorite podcast.

Find clients on sites like Upwork and charge fifteen dollars an hour for your services.

A Tutor

Are you an expert in a field? Or just someone who loves to write, draw or do math?

You can share your knowledge and get paid for it. Tutoring can be done at home with a single person or a group of clients at the same time. Sign up with an online tutoring company or agree to visit people at home.

Tutors earn twenty dollars and up for home visits. Here are some of the most popular online tutoring sites:

Teach English

Native English speakers can make good use of their skills. English is one of the world’s most popular languages.

People are happy to pay to work with a native speaker. Cambly is a service largely geared towards adults. VIPKID connects you with kids in China for lessons to happy students halfway across the globe.

Standard pay is about fifteen dollars an hour.

Rent Your Car Out

Your car can be in use when you’re not there. You might rent it out and make money. Companies like Turo handle the paperwork and insurance for you.

You sit back and enjoy the incoming cash which can be upwards of a hundred dollars a month.

Amazon’s FBA Program

Amazon is not only the place to buy. It’s also the place to sell.

Shoppers who locate wonderful finds in their area can make use of the company’s FBA program and sell them to a profit to other people in any part of the world.

An unlimited income is possible.

Online Classes

People are hungry for knowledge of any kind and willing to pay for it.

udemy online classes

You can hook up with a service such as Udemy and create a course of your own. Teach people to knit, clip a cat’s nails or install lighting and get paid for your abilities.

Baking For Profit

If you’re someone who loves to bake, you can take this talent to the next level. Contact local restaurants and food stores. Find out if they are looking for new and wonderful things to add to their sweets menu.

Make a dollar or more per dessert in profit.

Write that eBook

Those with a talent for writing can take it to the next level. Ebooks are easy to publish.

Create one based on your personal interests in life. Think about a subject that people want to know more about. Write that book, publish it and profit. It doesn’t have to be long to get purchased. Say what you have to say. Write sequels and make even more money.

Average books sell for ten bucks and up. You can even use these tools to easily create your eBook:

High-quality sperm is always in demand.

If you have a little extra time and you’d like to put in your gene pool, you’ll be delighted at just how many organizations are willing to pay for it.

A hundred dollars per go is not uncommon.


Crafters everywhere have a new market for their goods. Etsy is an e-commerce website focusing on hand made items and craft supplies.

etsy side hustle

This is the place to go if you love to make things like knitted hats and homemade jewelry. You’ll have a vast and awaiting market happy to pay for quality, well-made items for unlimited income.

Custom Tee Shirts

Someone who can come up with funny or useful slogans can translate them into cash.

Turn those clever slogans to a tee shirt you can sell for ten bucks with help from online retailer Teespring.

Umpire Sports Teams

Those with a passion for sports can turn that into a lucrative side income.

If you really know the rules and are confident you can enforce them look for sporting events that hire umpires.

Hourly pay typically starts at ten bucks and up.

Buy Rental Properties

Being a landlord has always been a nice source of a second income.

You can make it your own by purchasing a two-family. Live in one unit and collect rent from the second one. This is an easy way to help pay that mortgage and build up a nest egg.

Flipping Homes

Flipping homes is another way to make money in real estate.

This is one you can do if you have some free time and understand how to update a home. If you have the capital and you understand the local markets in your area, this can yield impressive returns in the thousands per go.

Home Decorator

If you don’t have the money to buy a home and flip it, you can still become a decorator.

Show others what you can do with your own home and how you can translate that to their own interior spaces.

Decorators charge around $15/hour and up for their services.

Cleaning Pools

A pool is a marvelous place to get together on a hot day.

Keeping a pool in perfect shape can be quite tedious. Many people are very happy to pass this chore on to others. This is a particularly good hustle for a college student with free time during the summer who can often get twenty dollars a pool.

Cook For Others

Are you the kind of person who’s been told you are really good at making delicious meals? Become a caterer.

meal prep side hustle

As many events take place at night and on weekends, you can fit them in your work schedule with ease.

One event can quickly lead to referrals and even more work and more money.

Care For Children

Many working parents need someone to be there for their children when they are not home.

You can be that backup person in your spare time. Offering flexible hours on weekdays is a great way to bring in a little cash and help out your fellow parents at the same time.

This is a good choice for a mom looking to bring in just a little extra money like $10/hour.

Pet Sitting

Few pet owners take Fido on vacation with them. They need someone who can be there to watch the dog when they’re not home.

This can be a great way to earn some income and have a temporary place to stay at the same time. If you love dogs, let the world know just how well you can care for them.

Sign up with a service like Rover.com for twenty bucks a day and connect with pet owners.

Walking Dogs

Busy pet owners also need to have someone around who can walk the dog when they are not there.

Walking a dog is an easy way to pick up some funds like ten bucks per and interact with pets you love in the process. You can often walk several dogs at the same time and make it even more money.

Here are some websites for finding dogs to walk:

Watching Cats

Cats are the most popular pets in the United States. Cats are easy to care for when the owner is away.

In many cases, all you have to do is feed the cat in the morning and evening and take a quick cleaning of the litter box.

You can charge ten bucks per visit or more.

Tax Preparation

Taxes are a fact of life. You can be part of this task each year for people and businesses.

If you have a background in the field of finance, you can be there to provide the help that people need on their own. Many companies that specialize in tax preparation are also happy to hire and train temporary help during tax season to earn a few hundred dollars each season.

Car Washing

Washing cars is often in demand. People love traveling in style.

car washing side hustle

You can step up your game and offer car washing services on weekends in your spare time. If you’re willing to travel onsite, you can schedule several in a few hours and rake in funds like fifteen bucks per car in your spare time.

Cleaning Homes

Cleaning services are another kind of service that people really need these days.

Busy people lack the time to get their homes in proper repair. Advertise for special occasions when people need additional help or for a weekly service to help out. All you need are a few cleaning supplies and you’re in business at twenty dollars an hour and up.

Repairing Computers

Computers are the backbone of nearly all modern workplaces.

If something goes wrong, the entire business may be compromised. If you have the technical background to repair computers, you can be there to help. You’ll rake in the big bucks like fifty bucks an hour with grateful clients.

Treasury Bills

Investing in the very fabric of the United States government can pay off. Save up some money and hand it to the government.

They usually pay more than you’ll get from the bank. Plus the money invested is guaranteed.

Dividend-Paying Stocks

Those who are feeling more adventurous can make use of the stock market.

Many stocks pay a nice dividend on a quarterly basis. They also pay more than you can make from the bank.

Not only that, but the unlimited funds you earn from capital gains are also taxed at a lower rate than many other forms of income. Some of the best online trading platforms that offer $0 on fees are:

Estate Sale Helper

Estate sales are designed to clean out a person’s home and earn them money in the process. These typically take place during the weekend.

People who have a background in identifying what’s lucrative can provide useful advice for sellers.

Start off by assisting others and then branch out into your own company with unlimited earnings.

Freelance Designing

Workers who have a talent for visual design can make use of it.

Someone who knows how to design a logo and other aspects of business marketing can offer their services to companies for as much as $50 dollars an hour and help them bring their vision to life.

Some of the best sites to find freelance design jobs are:

Writing For Cash

Writing is even more important than ever before.

A single mistake in the copy the company sends out can make the company look bad. Many companies are looking for skilled writers to create engaging blog posts for them.

You can be there to help with well-written material at twenty dollars an hour that helps any client stand out. Here are some great websites for finding writing jobs:


One of the keys to making the most of your time is making every single thing you do count.

gigwalking side hustle

Even small things like an app that lets you complete tasks as you walk are to be used. You’ll find lots of little things that you can do along the way and earn money with your walks. This app can show you what to do and how much you can earn.

It’s nice to make ten bucks for a short stroll.

Local Paper

Look around at your community. If you don’t see a paper there, chances are that locals are hungry for news about what’s going on each week.

You can start a news site of your own and cover local events. This is a great way to find out exactly what’s going on in your area. Charge local businesses for advertising like ten bucks per ad that put them in direct touch with lots of interested area leads.

Creating Websites

Every business owner needs a really great website that shows what they can do to clients near and far.

Those with an understanding of the basics of website design can pitch to regional business owners and show them just how much a site can make a difference when it comes to bringing in customers.

A website creation business can pay off with several hundred dollars a month and happy clients pleased to be part of your portfolio.


Almost no one likes to iron. If you’re one of those rare people who loves to get things neat and tidy, you can find a great many people happy to leave it all to you.

All you need is an iron, an ironing board and a few chances to advertise your services to the world.

You’ll be there for them at ten bucks an hour to get everything in the shape they like best. Some sites to find people who need these types of services are:

Movie or Television Extra

This is one is likely to work if you live in a place where they make movies like larger cities.

Present yourself to a casting agent. You don’t have to be a star to be onscreen. Many movies and television shows are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds. A movie or television part may only require your time for a few hours.

In turn, you get paid upwards of a hundred dollars a day and you get the fun of being part of the big screen.

Mystery Shopping

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to test out their employees. You can be that person for them.

Mystery shopping is a fun way to do something you happen to enjoy anyway. If you want to earn some money and you’re in a specific area with a lot of shops, you can often line up lots of shops during the course of a day that pays ten bucks each.

You’ll get your errands done and earn money at the same time. Sign up to become a mystery shopper at these sites:

Party Planner

Everyone loves a party.

party planner side hustle

People who are the life of the party can help others do the same and throw a bash every guest will remember. Now is the time to start your own personal party planning business and earn at least twenty bucks an hour.

You can work closely with people and teach them how to create a festive mood, serve the ideal meal and bring in all those little details that make it such fun.

Wedding Coordinator

Weddings can be deeply stressful for the participants.

You can be there to take the heat off and allow the bride, groom and all of their guests to settle down and adore the day. A wedding coordinator is someone who knows how to get it all done from the time at the chapel to the reception and beyond.

Commit to only a few weddings a year at five hundred to a thousand dollars per wedding and watch your income grow.

Personal Trainer

Gym rats can turn their skills to help others get in the same shape.

Many gyms are happy to hire people to help others learn to exercise properly. This is one job you can do on a part-time basis for twenty bucks an hour at your own convenience.

Fitness Class Instructor

Those who prefer to work with a group of people can opt to teach several people at the same time.

If you know yoga, you can offer classes on your own. Or join up with a local gym and be there for classes on a set basis for a specific location fee like a hundred dollars per class.

Mobile Pet Groomer

Pet owners prefer to have pets that look great.

When a dog gets into the mud, they can easily get knots in their fur. People who are good with dogs can translate that skill into the money they want.

Instead of having clients come to you, you can come to their home for fifty bucks and get that dog looking perfectly great again.

Wedding Photographer

Those who are very much into taking really great photographs can be there for a bride and groom.

Wedding photography is a wonderful art that brings to life people on one of the happiest of all occasions while you earn several hundred per wedding.

You can be there with people to celebrate and help them keep those memories to cherish again and again.

Garage Sale Services

Garage sales are a common sight in many parts of the country.

garage sale side hustle

Each weekend, people pull out stuff they don’t need and put it up for sale. All that stuff you’re not using you can sell to others. You can also help other people organize their own sales.

This means doing tasks such as determining to price and helping with signage designed to bring in buyers. you can also use these sites to list your garage sale online:

Personal Shopping

Personal shoppers are those who know what’s in style and how to make that style work for anyone. Does this sound like you?

Then you can be there to help. For a small fee, many people are happy to get help picking out outfits they know will dazzle. After you develop a great reputation, you can raise your prices and charge even more such as twenty-five dollars an hour.

Food Truck Owner

This is one for people who really, really love food.

Someone who loves food but doesn’t have their own space as yet can buy a used van and spiff it up. A new coat of paint, a great idea and you might have pleased weekend clients ready and lining up for your great cooking.

Earnings can be anything if you’re really good at this.

Music Lessons

Music is such a joy for so many people.

People love learning to sing and play an instrument. If you’re someone who knows how to bring this off, you can share your skills with others who are seeking the same kind of joy.

If you have a piano or a guitar, you can help people learn to read music for twenty bucks per hour and learn to play all kinds of fabulous tunes.

Use these sites to find people looking to learn a musical instrument:

Resume Business

Properly crafted resumes are exceedingly important for any job applicant. Anyone who is in the process of looking for a job knows they need a resume that’s going to stand out in a crowd.

Help creating one can be an ideal way to make money and help people get the job they want in the process. Charge at least a hundred dollars per resume.

Sitting in Houses

When people go on vacation, they need to make sure the home they are leaving behind is in good condition.

house sitting side hustle

House sitters agree to keep an eye on things when people aren’t home. You don’t need to have a degree in this field but you should have a high credit score and an indication you have a reliable job history. This is a great way to find the money you want to travel. You can stay in someone’s house and enjoy the local community at the same time.

Many are also happy to pay you $50-$100 a day.

If you want to find people looking for house sitters, check out these sites below:

Tour Guide

All communities have wonderful local attractions.

If you live in an area of particular note, you can show it off to all comers. A tour guide business allows you to take pleasure in your community and even see new things you might not have noticed before. You can give group tours at ten dollars a person or opt to work with people on an individual basis and earn even more cash.

Make Apps

Apps are extremely useful for so many people as they go about their day.

You don’t have to be an expert to make a great app of your own. Come up with a great idea and translate it into an app. Charge users for it and watch as your profits only continue to grow.

Just a single, well-designed app can payout for years. Having a few of them can add to your income long after you’ve finished and helped your overall income really grow.

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