shopify store ideas for inspiration

35+ Shopify Store Ideas for Inspiration


Each day, increasing numbers of businesses establish their presence on the world wide web. Our new standard of thinking equates an online presence with the legitimacy of a business. If a company cannot be found using a browser, then the business must not exist.

The ease of use of marketplaces such as Shopify allows businesses of all sizes to establish an internet presence. As a result, thousands of businesses worldwide successfully use the Shopify platform as their storefront.


The following are 35+ Shopify businesses that will provide inspiration to those businesses looking to expand with e-commerce for their own paths to success.

1. Staples

Staples is one of the largest providers of office supplies, computers, and office furniture in the United States.

Their unparalleled success has transcended their brick-and-mortar stores to become the go-to office supply business for both families and businesses of every size. Their b2b model offers discounts to corporate accounts to encourage their continued patronage.

staples shopify ideas

The strength of their onsite presence lies in the simplicity of their site design as well as their extensive product offering. Each product is presented using photos and minimal text. Products are classified logically so the customer can quickly and easily find and order exactly what they are looking for. A variety of offered shipping speeds means that the customer can control exactly how long they will have to wait for their order to arrive.

The presence of local brick and mortar operations gives the customer the option of placing their order online and physically picking up their orders within an hour or two. Other online services give the ability to email print and production orders to the customer’s local store.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line is considered to be one of the more profitable brands found on Shopify. The site is easy to browse and the product is high quality. Her background is simple with an initial graphic linking to a detailed description.

Kylie updates her site frequently. The order of the products on her home page is adjusted so that her most popular products appear first. Every time she updates, her profits go up. While her simple site design might not be the most visually exciting, when it is combined with her social media status and carefully cultivated brand, it becomes a highly profitable combination.

3. Harper Wild

Harper Wilde is a bra shop whose products are designed to be more comfortable. They also are environmentally friendly and offer a recycling program. Their motto, We take the bs out of bra shopping goes hand in hand with the ease of use of their website.

harper wilde shopify inspiration

This popular site is appealing to the female consumer who is tired of wearing uncomfortable bras. They are successful because their products are of high quality and meet an undeniable need.

Their site makes it simple for the consumer to browse the products, click and buy.

4. Luxy

Hair extensions are a popular but expensive habit for many women.

Luxy offers clip in 100% human hair extensions in a wide selection. With quality products and accessories at affordable prices, it is no surprise that they are one of the most popular sites on the platform.

luxy hair extensions shopify ideas

The best part about the Luxy site is that they not only sell the extensions, but they also teach you how to use them. This is a well-rounded site that has everything needed to make the right hair extension decisions.

5. Studio Neat

Studio Neat offers tech accessories and gadgets that bring convenience to your life. The products are of high quality and useful. In business since 2010, Studio Neat develops products for various apple tech and gadgets as well as some cocktail-oriented apps and supplies.

The site has simple lines and backgrounds. Each product has a page that markets the individual item thoroughly. Explanations are simple and video of each product is available. Every product is designed with consumer convenience in mind.

6. Toyshades

Toyshades is one of the most popular Shopify stores. They offer a number of collections of trendy eyewear.

Toyshades has an extensive offering at competitive prices. They are based in London, England and offer shipping worldwide.

toyshades shopify store

Their site can be set to pricing for any currency. Their site is colorful, inviting, easy to navigate and user friendly. They have a supporting Instagram page that they regularly update. They offer both modern and vintage frame styles in various colors.

7. Partake Foods

Partake Foods is the brainchild of Denise Woodard, a mother who saw the market for healthy allergen-free snacks.

partake cookies shopify store

Also known as the cookie shop, her cookies are school-safe and free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and the top eight allergens. She only uses non-GMO ingredients for added peace of mind.

Her site has attracted the attention of investors such as music mogul Jay-Z. It is clean and simple with the products upfront and easy to order. Her blog offers news and recipes based on her delicious cookies. Easy site navigation and a rewards program round out this successful Shopify offering.

8. Fit Tea

Fit Tea is the number one detox tea and a beautiful Shopify store. It is an all-natural dietary supplement that is meant to support your workout routine. It is not meant for weight loss alone.

fittea shopify

Numerous celebrity endorsements have increased the popularity of the product. The all-natural ingredients are non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free and contain caffeine.

The site itself has is clean and easy to navigate. The company is upfront about the ingredients and how to get the best benefits from their product. Fit Tea is one of the top performers on the Shopify platform.

9. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is popular with coffee connoisseurs. It is marketed as the strongest coffee in the world.

death wish coffee

What started in a small coffee shop in 2012 has grown significantly. After winning a contest that gave them a 30-second commercial spot during the Superbowl in 2015, Death Wish Coffee has grown to international proportions.

The site itself is clean and easy to navigate. Coffee, merchandise, and blog entries make you want to spend time on their site. In addition to their highly profitable online presence, their coffee can now be found on store shelves across the country. They stand by their claims and offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t agree that Death Wish is the strongest coffee in the world.

10. Beard Brand

Beards are back and more popular than ever. For every product that you need to maintain it, information on how to grow it, and manly scents to go with it, Beard Brand is the answer to your needs.

beardbrand shopify store

This niche product started slowly and organically in 2012 only to be launched into a highly profitable company thanks to a New York Times article.

Beardsmen everywhere should be aware of this Shopify store. Supplying the world with a high-quality beard and mustache products keeps them steadily growing. Their site is clean, easy to navigate and educational. Every click brings the consumer to even more interesting information.

11. Tessemae’s

Tessemae’s brand dressings, condiments and marinades were started at home and have grown from those humble beginnings. Each of their products is all-natural, non-GMO and delicious. They offer collections to cater to various dietary requirements. They are an active part of the movement to bring healthy eating to every community through the Tessamae Foundation.

Tessemae shopify ideas

Tessamae’s website is simple and easy to navigate. What began as a home recipe for salad dressing is now a worldwide operation. They are constantly expanding their product offerings. Their clean food for all initiative is gaining big name sponsors and partnerships with top chefs.

12. Negative Underwear

Trendy yet comfortable, Negative Underwear focuses on the most basic of designs. You won’t find fancy bows or patterns. You will find a wide selection of comfortable intimate apparel in a variety of fabrics and styles.

The Negative site is user friendly and easy to navigate. If you have trouble deciding on the products that are right for you, the assistance is just a click away. The company has been written up in Vogue and New York magazines. High quality intimates can be pricey. However, the quality and fit speak for themselves.

13. Gymshark

Gymshark has a vast selection of workout clothing for men and women. Their focus is on movability and getting the best out of your workout. They offer a number of styles in an array of colors. They also have a section for accessories. Originally started by a group of teenage high school students, the site is now wildly profitable.

gymshark shopify inspiration

The site is easy to navigate and has clean lines. On the women’s side, models of all sizes are used giving it that vibe that there is something for everyone.

14. Pipcorn

Pipcorn snacks are all made from heirloom popcorn kernels. This environmentally sustainable all-natural seed produces better tasting corn-based snacks. The product has caught the eyes of celebrities like Oprah and won backing from Shark Tank. The company continues to grow quickly.

pipcorn shopify store idea

The Pipcorn site makes one hungry at first glance. The company is family-owned, woman-owned, minority-owned, and socially aware. Their Shopify store is one of the most popular, even though their products are now on store shelves across the country.

15. Sugarfina

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy site that has seen exponential growth thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. They offer high-quality candy and gift items. Their rapidly growing business experienced $100,000 in profits in their first year.

sugarfina shopify store

The site is user friendly and attractive. Sugarfina regularly updates its site with new offerings. They also offer three free samples with every order. Check out their sale items for great discounts on their most popular products.

16. Triangl

Triangl is one of the more popular Shopify stores. They offer affordable women’s swimwear in an array of colors and styles. They also offer footwear, clothing and accessories.

triangle shopify brand

Triangl’s site is appealing and easy to navigate. They have been profitable over time and their popularity should continue. The lines are clean and attractive.

17. Ugmonk

Ugmonk has become wildly popular since they began with 200 shirts. They now offer a wide range of clothing items for both men and women that are comfortable and functional. They have expanded their offerings to masks, workspace items, and accessories.

ugmonk shopify store

The site is easy to navigate and has clean lines. Their products are of high quality. Some of their items are new to the market and actually ver useful. This is a very well-rounded Shopify store.

18. Laguna Salt Co.

Laguna Salt Co offers a wide variety of smoked, infused, and all-natural sea salts. They enjoy wide distribution in traditional stores in several states. Their prices are reasonable and their flavor offerings can appeal to every palate.

laguna salt co

This easy to navigate site is inviting and has clean lines. The first visit leaves you filling your shopping cart as each new flavor combination sounds better than the last. Any foodie, chef or spice aficionado will be bookmarking this Shopify offers.

19. Budweiser

The Budweiser shop is everything that you would expect from the King of Beers. Beer, blogs, stories and gear are available for those over the age of 21. Clearly identifiable with the well-known Budweiser label, this inviting site has everything the beer lover could want and need.

budweiser shopify store inspiration

The site itself is easy to navigate and user friendly. While the site itself seems busy at first glance, once you begin to explore it, the clean lines make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

20. Little Sparrow Tea

For those in search of healthy tea blends, the Little Sparrow Tea shop offers a wide selection of traditional and herbal teas. They also provide guidance for use of the various types.

little sparrow tea store shopify

The clean lines, upfront news headlines and most popular blends greet you on the home page. The ease of navigation and wealth of information is easy to use. They also offer accessories and information on how the tea is produced.

21. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is one of the most popular men’s clothing stores on the internet. They offer high-quality men’s apparel that is made to last. Their guarantee covers any defect in the garment that occurs outside of normal wear complete with paid shipping.

taylor stitch store

The high-quality menswear is only the beginning of the story behind Taylor Stitch. Their site is easy to navigate. The company itself is environmentally aware and has standards that make you want to do business with them. It is no wonder their profits grow at a high rate each year.

22. Beneath Your Mask

Beneath Your Mask addresses a need for women who suffer from various autoimmune conditions. The products are specifically made for women whose skin has suffered the ravages of their conditions and especially if chemotherapy is involved. Beneath Your Mask caters to a much-ignored niche.

beneath your mask shopify store

The site is easy to navigate but the best part of the site is the background of the founder. Her story is inspiring. Although this is a niche that is a relatively small percentage of the population, it is a percentage who has needed these products for years.

23. Tattly

While growing numbers of people choose to make their ink permanent, Tattly is for those who prefer their tattoos to be temporary. These high-quality vegetable-based ink temporary tattoos are safe, nontoxic, affordable and meant to bring a smile. Originally founded by a New York mother looking for high-quality temporary tattoo products it has enjoyed press recognition in numerous publications.

tattly shopify store

Tattly has been online since its inception in 2011. The site itself is colorful and easy to navigate. Due to product popularity, this business has grown beyond the Shopify platform and Tattly can now be found in brick-and-mortar stores in over forty countries.

24. Allbirds

Allbirds environmentally responsible company


Allbirds is an environmentally responsible company that specializes in select apparel composed of all-natural materials. These materials are known to emit less carbon than the competition. Their undergarments are made of more breathable materials. Their shoes are sized to be more comfortable in addition to the environmentally friendly factor.

Allbirds’ site is clean and easy to navigate. They put their dedication to lowering the carbon footprint upfront on the landing page so that there is no doubt about what is important to them. The details of their design can make a difference to those who have trouble finding the right shoe. Offering half sizes is a great bonus.

25. Yoga Rebel

Yoga Rebel offers a wide array of colors and patterns not usually found in workout clothes. They have focused on bringing clothing that is comfortable and functional in addition to not looking like the competition. They have a selection of Maternity sizes as week as other associated products.

This clean and easy to navigate site goes beyond their selection of some of the best yoga-wear around. They also offer other products that will come in handy at your workout. Their yoga mats are good quality as well.

26. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway has been online since 2009 and their concept is simply to give women access to designer fashion for special occasions at a fraction of the normal cost.

By renting designer dresses, either one time or on a subscription, women who would normally never be able to afford these garments and accessories have the opportunity to wear the perfect dress for their special events.

27. Argent

Argent Woman Clothes

Argent focuses on giving the working woman great clothes for their climb up the corporate ladder. They go beyond the typical boring suits by bringing vibrant colors and trending styles to the table. They offer a starter kit to give the consumer an opportunity to try the clothes before making their purchase.

This site has clean lines and is easy to navigate. The available sizes are perfect for those of average size. There are no extra-large or longer options. The styles and colors are perfect for a great new look.

28. Biko

Biko Hand-crafted jewelry

The Biko storefront offers a selection of hand-crafted jewelry. They market their style as modern nostalgic. The owner brings her background of love for both the modern and the heirloom to life in her designs. The digital presence is known for both the quality of the product as well as the stunning photography.

Biko is a small operation that brings a selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to life. Whether you are looking for a set or individual pieces, Biko is definitely worth a look. They have been written up in several fashion magazines, both local to their Toronto location as well as some more international brands.

29. So Young

SoYoung bags made of sustainable materials

So Young, Inc is a brick-and-mortar operation that brings in 25% or their business from their Shopify storefront. They offer bags for both the Moms and their children. Their products are made of sustainable materials. Their lunch bags with matching ice packs give you a stylish way to take your lunch to work. On the kid’s side, you can find a line of lunch bags and backpacks that are perfectly sized for the pre-school and grade-school ages.

Their site is done in earthy tones that match their dedication to sustainability. Shopping So Young, Inc is easy to navigate. Sustainable products are unique in their design. Their prices are affordable, especially since the products will be used and re-used repeatedly.

30. Watch Outfitters

Watch Outfitters

The Watch Outfitters was founded by a 17-year old with knowledge of watches and a vision. His passion brought him to sourcing high-quality watches and jewelry from several different vendors from around the world.

The Watch Outfitters site has simple lines and easy navigation. Their prices are far less than you would expect for the styles that are offered. This site is a pleasant surprise considering how expensive most watches are today.

31. Nerd Wax

Nerd Wax keep your glasses on

Nerd Wax offers products that you don’t know that you need. The product is used to help you keep your glasses on. It requires a simple application on the nose pads of your glasses or sunglasses to keep them comfortably in place. Other products available on the site are focused on keeping your glasses their cleanest.

The site is straight to the point. The product is affordable. The founders actually went on Shark Tank and turned down their offers. They must be doing something right because this Nashville, TN based company has enjoyed millions of dollars in profits.

32. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is a world-renowned makeup artist, model, and fashion designer. They offer cosmetics in fantastic colors at affordable prices. The colors offered can appeal to either the more conservative or for those ready to take a walk on the wild side. They have a wide selection and these vegan-based cosmetics are of high quality.

The Jeffree Star site is edgy and modern. While the colors offered in their cosmetic line are extensive, their fashion line is limited to a few appealing and comfortable items. The makeup bags offered in the accessory line are high quality and very affordable. The cross-body bags are perfectly sized and are available in fun and functional colors.

33. Flex

The Flex

The Flex is a unique, reusable product that offers a more natural alternative to tampons. There are two types offered for the maintenance of that time of the month. One style guarantees that it will hold up during sex while the other is for more standard day and nighttime activities.

The Flex is made of high-quality plastic that can easily fit and mold to your body. The website is easy to navigate and offers informative video and written instructions.

34. Cookbook Village

The Cookbook Village

The Cookbook Village has been in business since 2011. They offer both vintage and collectible cookbooks that will appeal to both the casual home cook and the seasoned professionals.

The Cookbook Village has a great selection of books for cooking styles around the country. They offer both regular and autographed cookbooks on their site. The site is easy to navigate and it is easy to find exactly what you might be looking for.

35. Quad Lock

The Quad Lock Case store has been in business since 2011 in Australia. The company offers innovative phone mounts for your smartphone. Whether you are looking for a phone mount option for your motorcycle, bicycle, car or body, there is a Quad Lock option available here.

quad lock shopify store

This site thinks of everything. Not only do they offer the mounts themselves, but they offer spare parts for when you need them. Their products adapt to your smartphone whether it is Android or Apple. Prices are competitive and the products are of high quality.

36. Floorplan Rugs

Floorplan Rugs specializes in high-quality area rugs. When you need area rugs for your home you need to go through a company that is knowledgeable in the styles and fabrics used. They offer a selection of high-quality rugs from all corners of the world.

floorplan rugs ecommerce store inspiration

Floorplan’s site is clean and easy to navigate. They offer a wide selection of colors and styles that will fit with any home décor. They offer a wide selection of sizes and offer to counsel as to which of their selections will best meet your needs.


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